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Baja Doodlebug and Motovox Minibike Engine Swap Kits

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Mini Bike Exhaust

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PMR Performance Exhaust Headers

Tig Welded with Port matched D shaped Exhaust  flange.

Fits Honda GX series ,Lifan , Predator
and  many other Honda Clone 4-7hp
120cc, 160cc, 196cc, 208, and 212cc,

Note!  These pipes do not fit the stock Doodlebug 97cc engines
or stock Motovox 79cc MBX10/11 engine.

Shotgun Pipe for Original Style DB frame
and Motovox MBX10/11
Note#  this pipe will fit the  Azusa Minibike
and many other frames.



Shotgun Pipe shown for New Model DB



Shotgun Pipe with welded adapter
for Briggs screw on Bullet Muffler

Shotgun pipe for New Style
DB Frame
with threaded tip

Shotgun pipe for Original
Style DB Frame
with threaded tip
Also fits Motovox Mini Bike

Under seat exit Header

Fits Original style DB frame

Briggs Style Bullet Muffler


You weld it exhaust header kit

Laser cut  D Port Heavy Duty Flange
and 1"  exhaust tubing kit

D Port exhaust flange for 4hp 5.5hp 6.5hp
Honda, Clone and Predator engines


Weld on tip for Briggs Bullet Muffler


Exhaust Header Wrap
Increases exhaust scavenging
Shields exhaust heat
decreases burn risk.

5ft mini roll for Minibike Header



Baja Warrior,Heat and MB200
Performance Header

 With threaded tip for Briggs Bullet Muffler



4-6.5 HP Honda and Clone
Exhaust flange Gasket


RLV clamp on  Performance

Includes  RLV Clamp

Pipe Clamp Mount

1 inch pipe clamp mount
This clam shell style clamp can be used in combination
with a conduit strap on the frame for a Great exhaust system mount.


1 1/8 pipe clamp mount
This clamp/mount can also double as the silencer clamp


Shorty clamp mount

Conduit strap

The conduit straps can be used to anchor the
pipe clamp to frame as shown.
(The new style DB frame is shown in pic)
Use 7/8 for all DB and MotoVox frames
Use 1 inch for MB165-200 Heat and Warrior frames

7/8 conduit strap
Fits DB and Motovox frame

1 inch conduit strap
Fits MB165,200 

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