Mini Bike Engine Swap – HRM Adjustable Motor Mount

mini bike engine swap

HRM Adjustable Motor Mount The HRM Engine Mount Plate (formally known as PMR) was designed by us as an easy way to do a Mini Bike or Go kart engine install. This plate works great for doing a mini bike engine swaps on the Baja Doodle Bug, Dirt Bug, Racer Motovox, Monster Moto 80, Go […]

Predator 212 and Honda 196cc Governor Removal

Predator 212cc and Honda 196cc Governor Removal. When doing the correct engine mods. And removing the governor system on your engine. The throttle control at lower speeds and higher RPM of the engine simply equals more fun. Most riders don’t realize that they don’t have solid control of the throttle action with the governor functional. […]

Coleman CT200 Performance Jack Shaft System Verses Torque Converter

Why the HRM chain drive Jack Shaft System is a better option than a belt drive Torque Converter The HRM Coleman CT200 Performance Jack Shaft system has proven to be a much more durable drive system than using a 20-30 series TC unit.  And unlike the commonly installed TC systems. It is a direct bolt on requiring […]

 HotrodMiniBike Custom Azusa 3545 Drag Bike Build

Hot Rod Mini Bike Build For this project we used a basic frame and fork assembly manufactured by Azusa engineering . Azusa has been in the Go Kart and Mini Bike business since 1960. The frame is manufactured and welded here in the USA. It has a very cool retro style Mini Bike look, but […]