Predator 212 and Honda 196cc Governor Removal

Predator 212cc and Honda 196cc Governor Removal.

When doing the correct engine mods. And removing the governor system on your engine. The throttle control at lower speeds and higher RPM of the engine simply equals more fun. Most riders don’t realize that they don’t have solid control of the throttle action with the governor functional. You are merely tugging on a spring trying to overpower the mechanical governor arm. The Gov’ arm is actually what is connected to the carbs throttle shaft.  In stock form these Industrial engines are designed to run at a constant rpm. You can see how this all works for yourself if you put your running bikes front tire against a wall or tree. Then hold the brake. Watch the throttle shaft on top of the carburetor move as you twist your throttle grip slightly and briefly.

When doing this test you will notice in only takes a slight amount of throttle twist to see the throttle slam wide open. And it does this without you turning the grip wide open.  Can you not just adjust the throttle stop screw? Adjusting the RPM limiting screw on the linkage plate will only affect how much pull you have on the spring. This will limit the the max RPM. Not stop the throttle flying open with a small amount of twist by the grip. May seem confusing. But doing this test will let you see how much control you actually have. And why the bikes are so prone to doing the unexpected wheelie on you.

And yes. There’s the Old Governor action. You take off.  Brief moment of thrilling acceleration.  The governor kicks in and.  Yawn.  Removing it and getting more RPM will equal much more top speed. More top speed and more throttle control. Its a win win in my book!  The mods required to do this right are very easy to do. And cheap when compared to the price of most other Motorsport hobbies.

The flywheel and rod upgrade are highly recommended when removing the governor on a Mini Bike. And If you do not replace these parts with the ones designed for high RPM. Then at least don’t mess with the stiffer valve spring mod. This will help keep the rpm down where its not as dangerous. You will know when the valves float and can back off. The popular Clone Kart racing class using the same power plants are able to make there engines live this way.

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