Brake Systems and Parts

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Complete Brake Systems – Baja Doodle Bug DB30S along with replacement parts for manual and hydraulic brake systems. The hydraulic brake kits offer better stopping force without the constant need of adjustment like the cable style brakes.

We have had very good luck with the hydraulic brakes holding up under normal conditions. Extreme conditions like riding in mud, sand or abuse from over using the brake will shorten their life as with any other brake system. The pocket bikes these systems were originally designed for are not going to see the speeds we are getting out of our performance Doodle Bugs.

Bent rotors causing drag and vibration will also take it’s toll on the pads and caliper bushings. Neglecting your pads and wearing them out to the point of damaging the rotor and caliper is a common mistake that cost way more to repair than a set of replacement pads. Pre ride inspections on any bike are a good practice.

Alignment issues with the caliper mount welded on the frame crooked can also cause a brake system failer. Usually the alignment issue can be corrected by bending the mount or using washers and spacers to center the caliper and align it with the rotor. Taking the time to check and adjust this after bolting on your new system can save you some grief.

The rear wheel should turn free in both directions with no drag immediately after applying the brakes on and off. If you turn the rear wheel while slightly applying the brakes and see the caliper wobble then you have a run out issue and bent rotor. The brake system is somewhat forgiving to a point because of the way the caliper floats on the rubber bushings. There is also some flex that can be seen in the thin rotor and rubber bushings if you lock the brake up and rock the bike back and forth, this is normal.

We also carry service parts on the website. Complete replacement calipers with pads, thicker replacement pads, master cylinders and of course complete brake systems.