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Hot Rod Mini Bike offers numerous performance parts and custom Mini Bike Headers for the Coleman Ct200U mini bike. Unlike our competitors our performance header pipes are Tig Welded with HD port matched D shaped Exhaust flange. They will fit the stock Coleman CT200U 196cc engine along with Honda GX series ,Lifan , Predator 212cc and many other Honda Clone 4-7hp, 120cc, 160cc, 196cc, 208, and 212cc, engines.

The Coleman CT200U and CT200EX models have a factory Jack shaft drive system that is poorly engineered and prone to failure. Our Billet aluminum replacement unit is far superior. It also allows you to easily tune your gear ratio to your needs. The sprockets and replacement bearings are standard US sizes that we keep in stock. And our Aluminum clutch cover and guard system is much safer than the fragile plastic covers. The bolt on chain drive gear reduction system is far more reliable than aftermarket belt drive Torque Converter systems.