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The Coleman CT200U Jack Shaft Kit is an easy to install performance upgrade for both the Coleman CT200EX and CT200U Mini Bike. It has a sturdy CNC machined Aluminum construction with a double bearing housing. The Jack shaft plate is equipped with slotted holes for primary chain tension adjustment.

It replaces the problematic stock system and allows you to easily change sprockets for optional gear ratio’s. It is a durable direct bolt on kit superior to the cheaply built and commonly used China knock offs of the Comet TC units.

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The Coleman CT200 Jack Shaft kit can be used in conjunction with our Aluminium Clutch cover. It also has an option to run much smoother operating #35 Chain for the short primary chain. The stock factory size 40 series chain does not hold up well in this application. The larger chain with a short chain span rotating around two small sprockets causes unwanted friction,heat and wear. This is why the factory primary chain tensioner and bearings always fail on these units.