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The Coleman CT200U Mini Bike Performance Kits include a variety of bundled options. Hop up your Mini Bike with savings included in each performance kit! You will find all kinds of parts like billet rods and flywheels, camshafts, push rods, headers, air filter kits all bundled to suit your needs.

Hot Rod Mini Bike offers custom Mini Bike Header Pipes for the Doodlebug, Warrior, MB165 and 200, Motovox MBX minibikes. Our performance Exhaust mini bike header pipes are Tig Welded with port matched D shaped Exhaust flange. Header pipes fit Honda GX series ,Lifan , Predator 212cc, Ducar, tilliston and many other Honda Clone 4-7hp, 120cc, 160cc, 196cc, 208, and 212cc, engines.

All of our engines and performance kit packages are dyno tested and have proven results with no guessing. We strive for a “tried and true” attitude and knowing what we are selling will fit your application.

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