Mini Bike Headers

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Hot Rod Mini Bike offers custom Mini Bike Header Pipes for many different Mini Bike models.  Model’s include the Doodlebug, Warrior, MB165 and 200. Motovox MBX , Coleman CT100 and CT200. And engine swapped Monster Moto 80 models.

Unlike many other mini bike performance parts companies. Our mini bike header pipes are Tig Welded with a HD port matched exhaust flange. Other companies are selling cheaply built header’s using a flimsy exhaust flange. There headers have a O shaped port that does not match the engines D shaped exhaust port).

At HRM we build Mini Bike and Kart header pipes that are made to match your engines design and custom fit for your application.

Hot Rod Mini Bike carries a variety of parts and and upgrades for the Mini Bike scene. We have taken the time to bundle a variety of parts that take the guess work out of choosing the right components for your application. Our parts range of simple replacement items to high performance parts for the extreme mini bike enthusiast.