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Headers – Motovox Performance Exhaust Headers

 We manufacture over 15 different Mini Bike Header models made specifically to fit your bike. Models include the Baja Doodle Bug DB30, Dirt bug, Racer,Warrior, Heat,MB165 MB200, Motovox MBX, Coleman CT100, Coleman CT200. Monster Moto 80 and more.

 Our In house built Exhaust Headers are Tig Welded. And unlike the cheap exhaust systems being sold with a flimsy unmatched O shaped flanges. We use a superior HD D port matching flange. The pipes will fit the Honda GX 120, 160 and 200 engines. Lifan 6.5, Predator 212cc. And many other 4-7hp, 120cc, 160cc, 196cc, 208, and 212cc, engines using the Honda GX style head and port configuration.